Enemies of Small Businesses in America

This topic is a conversation seldom spoken about out loud but at some point for every entrepreneur it is a topic that we all have contemplated more than once. What's happening to small businesses in America, that great and patriotic country full of prosperity and what happened to the American dream?  

I've come to realize that the way we think isn't our own thoughts but they are thoughts programmed into our brains and fashioned our skulls whether of beauty, arrogance, pride or etc. The BIG question is what happened to creativity and leadership? I know most will say creativity is at it's highest point in the history of mankind and civilization but I beg to differ. The old belief is true that everything repeats its self as the legendary phoenix that burns its self into ashes and is reborn again more beautifully than ever which brings us back to the topic of why are small businesses in America being snuffed out. 

How is it that mega companies before they were considered mega corporations mostly all started their businesses by drop shipping their inventory from foreign countries but when it comes to new startups meaning some small businesses in America, they have demonized drop shipping as an untrustworthy business practice although most of those companies still dropship in one form or another. The truth is that their is nothing wrong with drop shipping and most of the American consumers still receive merchandise imported from foreign countries. It's as if certain billionaire individuals are attempting to shed bad light about drop shipping when in reality their companies wouldn't be where they are at today without utilizing the dropship technique.  

Now lets take this conversation a tad bit deeper and discuss the dirty stuff that everyone deflects although they know its the truth. I'm referring to advertising and all the new intellectual property, copyright laws and ordinances passed right when the majority of ordinary American citizens discovered that they could start and run their own businesses. I'm sure the mega corporations would say haha bad timing on your behalf but the truth is that mega corporations doesn't want the average everyday American citizen to capitalize on the eCommerce boom because frankly that would interfere with their profits and cause thousands of layoffs within their ranks, not to mention their stock price and other damaging factors that they would love to protect. 

When I applied my own mind to peer deep into things that I normally wouldn't think about. In my research I contemplated the foolishness of conspiracy theories and why have they mostly came true. It's difficult to not look deeper into such things that some people claim with all the madness going on around us today. It seems as if the 1% are losing control and the first thought that comes into my mind about that is Revelation 12:12 "Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time."

Well who are these companies that are oppressing the American general public? Seems as if they are the same corporations who boost the stock markets mostly in the tech sector, the same corporations who has the legal right to oppress our American free speech and stomp on our constitutional rights without being held accountable at all. How did we allow so much power to be held by these mega corporations that can crush American small businesses by the flip of a switch? The same corporations who have lobbied to our political system and have brought the American politicians for a couple hundred thousand dollars. Talk about being sold out for cheap, it doesn't get any cheaper than that. How is it that the American citizens are the only ones who are required to follow and keep the law but the American governments, entities, corporations and their filthy rich buddies have a legal right to break each and every law without ever being dragged into a court of law and being held responsible for their treason. 

You have no freedoms, your most delicate and personal lives are stored on the cloud as they say. These corporations can know every little detail about you and invade your privacy without having to pay back restitution for sneaking into your lives through lobbying. These sick and twisted individuals can easily peak into your smart devices and watch your young daughters and sons, even your wives and your husbands while not being noticed. Satan isn't omnipresent like "The True GOD of Israel" is, satan can't be in every place at once and so he utilizes technology to substitute for his inability to be present everywhere at once. Do you realize that these mega corporations are watching your young sons and daughters while they are fully undressed in their birthday suits? Are you ok with that? You wouldn't normally allow a peeping tom to peep through your windows at night but you are ok with allowing these mega corporations to peep into the soul of your eyes each and everyday without being held accountable. I don't know about you but I'm a father that values the innocence and virtue of my sons and daughters also my wife and my brothers and sisters. We allowed perverts the legal obligation to be perverted and twist mankind into a perverted species the whole while making these corporations filthy rich at the same time the rest of the world is one missed paycheck away from poverty. I mean these corporations doesn't even pay taxes and when they are threatened to pay taxes they move their businesses away to foreign countries in order to not pay taxes which technically that's considered tax evasion a federal crime that normal American citizens would be tracked down and brought back to America to face charges and to be thrown in prison over but we allow these mega corporations to do just that while they still live on American soil. Plus on top of that, these same companies are the corporations who are strangling American small businesses to death while they grow larger and larger each passing second of the day.


The True Enemies of Small Businesses in America..